Niños de Macul


Niños de Macul, insentivar y guiar a nuestros peques a pedalear y movilizarse con su fiel compañera la bicicleta, siempre junto a sus padres y a los amigos urbanos que nos reunimos sagradamente cada Tercer Sábado del Mes.

Un fuerte abrazo a cada cletero urbano.... y los esperamos !!

Aquí algunas fotos de nuestro amigo Ramiro Vergara




As someone apchnapriog the whole edtech community from the opposite direction (I've been heavily involved with Michigan's edtech scene, but haven't done anything nationally yet), I have to say there's a wealth of expertise and fellowship that has been tremendously helpful to me right here in MI.Glad that you're taking the time to soak everything up at MACUL this year, and taking a break from presenting. I did the same myself for the last two years, and am now getting back "into the game". Really looking forward to the opportunity to share and experience with you a lot of cool stuff going on here in Michigan at the REMC panel.As awesome as ISTE is (from what others tell me), I suspect that the home-grown connections can be just as important, if not more so, when it comes to building lasting and deep meaningful connections.

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